Friday, June 26, 2015

Temple, Frenchlish, Futbol, and Potato Salad


Hola. Está bien en la CCM y yo amo la experiencia. I have been learning Spanish at a very good rate and it is very neat to learn. CCM=Spanish equivalent of the MTC- Capacitan del Centro de Misioneros.  It has been an interesting week here and the weather is fine in Bogota with a mixture of sun and rain. We got to go to the temple today and did endowments for those who were dead which was a new and exciting experience for me. Bogota is muy interesante y muy grande con 9.000.000 personas. A lot of things here are fun and exciting but also hard. Learning español está un experiencia difficile por que mi comprehensión de francés. Pronouncing words is still hard for me because I still have a slight French accent but I am doing very well. I also cannot roll my "r´s" yet which is hard in words with a double r in it. Still the conjugations are not very difficult as there are very few exceptions to the conjugations that I have learned and they repeat a lot of the conjugations. Another fun experience for me is speaking and trying to understand the latinos. They speak muy rapido y está difficile por mi de comprender todás la tiempa. But I can understand them sometimes and I really just need to have my vocabulary grow to better communicate. We have a faux investigador in the CCM which is fun as we can practice teaching lessons (en español bien está) and it is a lot of fun teaching the investigadors. Another neat thing here is futbol. Now in America we call the sport soccer but its proper name is football. Almost every day so far I have played football with the Latinos and the nortees (North Americans) and it is a lot of fun as they love the sport  Here in this country it is a religion for some and a god for others. Wearing a football jersey on game days must be a law because on one of the game days all but around three people didn´t have a jersey on. The sport is amazing and I do fairly well at it for someone who is still new to it. I have also done some basketball which is awesome as I do well at that. My CCM companion's name is Elder Woodmansee. That is quite correct, Elder Woodmansee.  He is from California and he is to go to Cali, Columbia. He is six-foot five like me and a skinny white boy so it was interesting to see that the two tallest people In the CCM are companions. We do get Latino companions later on but he is my companion for now.

The food here varies with some stranger things but then we also get more American food. For example for lunch today we had salmon and ham.  Breakfast was cereal, but a little while back we had a burrito with guacamole and chicken. Things do vary for our food, but I can normally eat most food. Only one meal caused any trouble for me so far and that was a potato salad thing which almost no one liked. Even some of the Latinos hated it and I got pretty close to hating potatoes after that one meal. It has been fun and I am glad to be here.

I will have preparation day next Tuesday so until then, Élder Throop

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