Monday, October 31, 2016

No Halloween, Just Dia de Los Muertos, Baptism Scheduled for Thursday, First Baptismal Interview


Here Halloween doesn't really exist. I mean they know that it is a holiday but they don't celebrate it. What they do celebrate is Day of the Dead which is a holiday they celebrate in November. They take a thing of bread in the shape of like a child and dunk it in colada morada which is a drink made from a type of grain and lots of fruits. So we have absolutely no worries around Halloween. Only Christmastime and New Years. I will try to get a photo next week of the day of the dead tradition. My camera wasn't working due to lack of batteries so I had to get new batteries today. I will try to send some photos this time.

This last week went pretty great for us. We found some new families that seem rather interested and that we will be able to help in the next weeks. We were happy about that. We also have an investigator who will get baptised this next Thursday. This guy knows a lot about the gospel and he is really enthusiastic about getting baptised. He wants to get sealed to his girlfriend after being a member for a year so he has some pretty great goals and a big understanding. His name is Jose Luis. We are working with someone else as well who could get baptised soon. He just needs to get a testimony of the book of mormon first and he hasn´t been reading. He attends church and activities it just he doesn't read so he can´t get a strong testimony. We hope his member friends help him remember. We will be working with some more people to help people to keep progressing and be converted.

This last Sunday I performed the first baptismal interviews. It was two daughters of an investigator that the other elders are teaching. The investigator had some problems that he needed to resolve so he called a counselor of the mission president while I interviewed. Unfortunately the person can get baptised but still has the idea of the Jehovah's witnesses in his head so he believes he has to wait a year to get baptised. He has everything and he believes and knows it is true he just has that fear. Hopefully the other elders can help him as he has everything necessary to get baptised.

My companion seems pretty great. He just needs to improve on some teaching skills and a few other things. He technically is from a part of the coast of Peru so that is where is is from in Chimote I believe it is called.

I hope you guys have a great week. We ahve had some great success and I believe we will be having some great days coming up. This has been some great success here.

Love ,
Elder Throop

Monday, October 24, 2016

Worked Hard with "Dying" Companion, Made District Leader, New Companion, Looking Forward to Possible Baptisms


Well this last week we worked pretty hard. Last Sunday, not yesterday but the one before that, we had someone that went to church who we taught on Tuesday. He is a new investigator from Venezuela and he seems pretty open. We also found another family that seemed very interested. We just can't teach them until November because they are busy. One investigator who we have been working with will probably have a baptismal date for not this week but the week afterwards. More then anything he wants to find a free day as he has work consistently and so he can be a little busy so he wants a day off work to get baptised and invite his friends. So we will be setting a baptismal date and then adjust to his schedule and yeah he should be great as he really does have a great testimony. We felt more then anything that he needed to attend.

Now to the changes because you know I got changed. I worked pretty hard with Elder Adams and we had a pretty great week.  Elder Adams went home of course. So on Sunday around 6:30, we met up with the zone leaders, so I wouldn't be alone, and then we went to the offices. Once we got to the offices we went upstairs and got the changes straight from the assistants. I am staying here as district leader with an elder named Elder Marquez from Trujillo Peru. He has like 6 months in the mission I think. The other elders in our district was an interesting change. Elder Groberg, who was training another elder named Elder Morris, was transferred to my first sector (Argelia) to train another elder. Then this Elder Morris, who just finished his training is now going to be training. So I am with him today to make sure he isn't alone.

The plan is tomorrow evening to drop him off with some other elders to sleep with them. He will be with us tonight and then tomorrow he is going to sleep with others as on Wednesday they get the new guys. Our district of four is going to have a lot of new people (with the exception of me.)

The goal that I have is to work hard with my new companion and hopefully have some people become converted and take the decision to enter the waters of baptism. There are at least two people that easily should get baptised this change. I hope we can find more and help more progress. The other elders might also have some success as one of their investigators needs an interview for some things that happened and so he will have that this week. If it works out he and his two daughters could get baptized which would be awesome for the other elders. So I am hoping we should have a great change and have success here and to help people progress. Plus the ward seems really enthusiastic to work and I feel its about to be really awesome here with lots more of referrals and ward help. This place seems pretty great. I still don't know what it is like to give a complete capacitation (I have only given small capaciations before) nor a few other things so this will be a fun learning experience.

I like hearing about home and I intend to serve and help. I do not want to have an assignment for any sort of honor nor glory. I want to serve and help here, and that is what I intend to do. I hope you have a great week.

Love you all!

Elder Throop

Here's a pic of his new companion.

New companion, Elder Marquez

Monday, October 17, 2016

New Investigators, Working Hard with Companion, Pizza, and Immune to Rabies Now


Well this last week went a lot better for us. We found a lot more new investigators in the form of a big family we found. There is a family of four that lives in one part that is super interested in the message and their sister was present and she also liked it. She lives in another part but we have to see with her husband. We found them Saturday and they weren't able to go to church. We have already taught them a bit and they seem really interested. We just need to get them to go to church and get them progressing. The only unfortunate part is that the dad wants to go to the states November 1st to get work to provide for his family. The thing is they probably would have a baptismal date for the twelfth of November (we haven't put the baptismal date) so we will probably have to teach the mother with the children with members once he leaves. Still he is super interested and they also are really interested and they understand a lot. The story they have was great as we passed by knocking their door and he had been praying to God to find a way to change his life because of things in his life. Then we found them in the street and that is when he realized it was time to talk to us. So they seem really great. We have been trying to help investigators to go to church just none that we planned for went. still one did go and we are hoping to help them out. There are other investigators that we will find this week and one that has been progressing well.

I am doing well with my companion and I am trying to make sure that he works hard and that we work well together and so we are doing a lot of work together. I have enjoyed it and I have learned a lot. Today we did go to Pizza Hut for an all you can eat deal. The only unfortunate part for me was the pizza had mushrooms and I don't really like mushrooms. I just took them off and ate the slices. I ate 14 and they are a pretty big size. Plus pizza costs a bit. It was 7 dollars for that deal so that was fun.

I got my last vaccination today so I am officially immune to rabies (yeah) and so less problems to worry about. I will send the pictures so don't worry I think my companion had a few pictures and I will try to get those as well.

Love you all,

Elder Throop

Here are the pictures from last week's trip to the waterfalls.

pictures along the trail to the falls

Selfie on the trail

small waterfall

selfie at the small waterfall

big waterfall


Tyler and his companion Elder Adams

Tyler wearing the hat a new family gave to his companion, Elder Adams because it was his birthday

Elder Adams with a cake face from his birthday cake

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Activity, but No Pictures, Rain, Rain, Rain, Success with Investigators, Helping Companion Stay Focused and Diligent


Well  this last week we did have an activity. I left my camera in the house and while we were eating lunch it came raining hard so I was unable to get it back as the lunch took awhile. We got back late from the activity and so that wasn't so much fun as it delayed us a lot. We went as a zone to visit some waterfalls and we took a lot of photos. I just left the camera as I didn't think it would rain so fast. The rain is really cold here as well and the winds come in super quick making it even colder.

This last week we have gotten a lot of rain. One day it was so bad that the street got flooded and looked like a river. It just is not so much fun when it rains. Still we had fun today and in the activity we didn't get that much rain. So that was the main part of what we did today. This next week should be great hopefully.

We did have some good things in this week as we have been finding more new investigators and we have enjoyed that part. We had one person going to church and he has a baptismal date for the 29th which is the first Saturday in the next change. So we were happy about that although unfortunately we will have to drop some investigators as they are attending another church and are more interested in that church. So the sector seems to be going well and the ward seems pretty strong here.

We will be visiting the bishop and they seem very great. So that is pretty great. We have received many referrals just there wasn't much of a program here when I arrived. I guess the missionaries just didn't take advantage of the members beforehand or they just had trouble finding. I don't know but we are starting to see success.

I am trying to continue to help my companion stay diligent and focused. Considering that he has two weeks left I presume that could be hard for him. Still he seems to be progressing and the things they wanted to have him do he is improving and now it is ensuring that we really do work hard every day and that we don't satisfy ourselves with mediocre work or not doing everything that we could do. I believe  we can keep working hard and that we can have success. I believe we will do well. He is a funny person and I feel some of his past companions have been frustrated when he was less diligent or obedient and didn't want to help him. I am helping him know and I have learned many great things.

Have fun,
Elder Throop

Monday, October 3, 2016

Referrals from Ward are Great, Conference, Working with New Companion


Yeah these changes were indeed interesting. It has been an interesting week trying to learn the sector and meet the people here. Unfortunately we don't have many investigators here (today we will drop a family leaving one family to work with who I have never met) so that is unfortunate.

Fortunately the ward seems very strong as we received a bunch of referrals from members this week. We visited quite a few members as we have no investigators to visit really. We tried finding news but I also am learning the sector but a lot of those appointments fell which was not fun. Our goal next week is contact more and also take out appointments with members with the referrals that they gave us to find new people. We do have great hopes with that part.

Ironically enough I haven't met the bishop well enough nor the ward mission leader due to conference. We also didn't have correlation, so this last week I was trying to learn the sector and get to know my companion. He seems like a good person. I do have to help him with some things in obedience but I believe I do have a solution as it seems small and he recognizes the problem and my attitude is more how can I help you? So there should be no problems. I just have to make sure not to mention home as otherwise that could be a great distraction to me and him and keep him focused. He does seem animated to work so it is just making sure we stay strong even if we don't have any baptisms this change (due to the lack of program.)

I did indeed have the opportunity to hear conference in english which was awesome. Elder Holland talked about home teaching (I thought he was going to hammer us pretty hard.) He explained a lot about the need to home teach and not be lazy with home teaching. It was a great talk. Then a 70 talked a bit about being a light to others. President Monson did talk after President Uchtdorf and Eyring but he seemed really unwell but gave a quick talk about the word of wisdom. We did enjoy the conference and I especially enjoyed it in spanish. It is greatly different.  In spanish believe in Christ could be Creo en Cristo and if you give a command like believe Christ it would be Crea Cristo (which wouldn`t be really pleasant to the ears. It is better to say creo or crea en cristo) which means you need the pronoun in that situation.

I haven't had an opportunity to meet the ward yet but I will this week. The goal more than anything is work hard with members and animate people and find new investigators. There are a lot of things I have learned (like taking an informe) and also the importance to keep staying faithful in the work. I also have tried to work on my accent as my companion was born with a double rr but his grammar is well poor. Still there are things to learn. I have enjoyed it and I intend to work hard and show a good example. I hope you have a great week.

Elder Throop