Sunday, September 13, 2015

Rough Day, Toe Cut, District Changes


This week was pretty interesting and it was the last week of the change. We had a really rough day one of these days where we only got one cita the entire day as everything fell. We had a district study that day (Saturday if you were wondering) but by 7:00 in the evening we had nothing to do except go to our correlation which was scheduled at 8:00. We ate at the family's house as the ward mission leader is the son of the relief society president who feeds us. So he is in the same house as her. So that day was not fun.

On Friday we went to a medical cita were they cut my toenail. He did it on the big toe and the toe next to it,as both were unwell. The mission paid for it but it cost only 30. My toes feel a lot better now and I still will have to take care of them of course. Still it was simple although he didn't numb it all. He just cut both. It hurt a bit but he didn't go to the root which was strange, but I hope that it just gets well. So my foot now should be well.

We had the changes in the mission. I am staying in the same area with my same companion. The twist is that he is the district leader now which should be interesting. That probably means that he will go to more meetings and I just study and we might have to go to the offices more often. Does the ward send things to missionaries monthly or how often is that? And have you sent anything to me yet? I am wondering because I haven´t seen anything come in yet and I was curious to that system.

In the sector next to ours which is called Argelia as well I believe one of the missionaries was sent to a sector in our zone to open a sector their and he will be the district leader. He was our district leader for this district here. The other missionary will receive a new missionary and will be training a new person which should be interesting. I am still going to be trained of course but it should be neat to see a new missionary under training.

I can't think of anything else right now and today was different due to the changes. I probably will have more to write next week.


Elder Throop

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