Monday, October 19, 2015

Some Good News, Possible Baptisms, District Changes Coming


That is cool with the conference quotes and thanks for those. I understood most of the talks but some parts were harder to understand due to idiomatic phrases or things like that. For our investigators there is some good news. One of our investigators recently found work so he and his wife can get married. They are planning on getting married at the end of November so they will get baptized. I just don't know if I will be here when they get baptized which is sad as the next change ends on November 30th and I don't know when exactly they want to get married. It would be nice to see them married and baptized but I know they will progress magnificently. It just might be that another missionary gets to be there at the end of their process. Still that would mean I played a great role in their progression which is important. And quite honestly the numbers are not what are always important, it's the people that those numbers represent.

Another investigator of ours gave her testimony in the testimony meeting which was awesome as she had a very powerful and heartfelt testimony. She says she wants to get married with her husband in December which is in the change after this coming up one. The changes in the mission are coming this next Sunday so we will see what happens. Most likely Elder Goodfellow will be sent out and I will remain here and receive a Latino companion. That is most of everyone's predictions. I don't know who could be the future district leader but it will most likely be someone in my sector as the other two sets of Elders are in training. It is possible a district leader could be called among them but it might be easier for the district leader to be in a companionship not training as that district leader has many responsibilities if they are training.

We did have a rougher week and we are struggling to get lessons taught with members present. Our ward has members (not lots but still has member) it's just the people we try calling almost never can help us or always have an excuse. Sometimes to me it seems the Ecuadorians are the best at making excuses. Still we do our best. We also have had a lot of our plans fall so it ends up that we sometimes have a hard time finding someone to visit. Also since I have started leading it is a little harder as I am not perfect with the sector and I still have things to learn. Still I hope we can finish the change strong and also I will be finishing my training soon which is really exciting.

We didn't have the opportunity to do anything too exciting today due to the fact that on the last P day in the change missionaries can't have district or zone activities so it is often hard to figure out what to do. Also the first P day in the change can get fried as it is when changes happen so that P day can be hectic. So today we hung out at the house for awhile and just going to a few places and not doing too much. So hopefully we have an exciting week.

I probably will read the talks in English or listen to them in English. That will take me some time but I do look forward to it.  Well I wish you all love.


Elder Throop

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