Sunday, August 23, 2015

Feeling Better, Conferences, and Ash in the Air


Today we played futbol as a zone which was really neat. The Hermanas in our zone were making food with Hermana Christensen today as there is a verification for new missionaries tomorrow which lasts most of the day so I will tell you about that next week.

As for my health I am a lot better now and it was probably some sort of bug I got with eating the food as the food is not always clean. Here you have to eat everything they give you and I am not in a place where I am allowed to refuse some dishes. Still it isn't too bad and I manage fairly well. Usually on Mondays we try to get some American food at the recreo although it costs a little more which is why it is only a once a week.

Just for me the time is definitely faster out here than in the MTC and I think that is because I am doing the Lord's work now. I think it is definitely true that Satan likes attacking you on the mission. I have heard it said that when you put your name tag on you are putting a big target on your chest for Satan and I think that is because the work you do is destroying his kingdom and he doesn't like that. I do write in my journal and try to daily and with one exception I have been perfect. One night (while I was still sick) I felt absolutely horrid and forgot to write but made sure the next night to write about both the days to not forget. I usually write about what we did and any neat experiences I have and I think it will be cool to one day just look back. I sometimes read old entries now. I write about milestones as well as those are the experiences that compose a mission.

For me I study my scriptures in the mornings and I usually read some verses out of the Book of Mormon out loud in Spanish. I then sometimes might try translating them into English. I also usually read some scriptures that go along with the lessons we have planned for the day and I am planning on adding just writing down things that stick out to me as I got a notebook to write some things down.

I have been able to listen to music however they don't have CD players here. I am not sure if I would ever find one either. My companion has an MP3 with a little speaker that he plays music with as we do have electricity and plumbing. I am living in the city right now not the jungle. But yes I have listened to music and the Spanish uplifting music is neat even if I don't understand all the words. I like the uplifting music and he (my companion) has this Spanish guy that sings uplifting songs and that is what we listen to. We sometimes listen to English hymns or songs and I have heard a few talks. I really look forward to conference where everyone speaks English. I look forward to seeing who are the 2 new Quorum of the 12 and hearing from Elder Holland and other speakers. It is still hard for me right now but apparently I am actually pretty far along and by 6 months I am told that you usually have a great understanding of the language which is awesome because 6 months for me is in December right before I Skype home for Christmas so that will be great.

We recently had a conference for the zones in Quito with a guy named Elder Waddell (if I remember his name correctly) He was actually about an inch taller than me and he was really cool. He talked to us about some various things to help with missionary work and we heard from some missionaries and Hermana and Presidente Christensen. We have more conferences coming up including one where we get one of the Presidency of the Seventy I believe talking to this mission and Quito north so it will be a huge conference. It is definitely cool to have the conferences.

We did get a storm here and I guess technically it is winter here. The thing is that the seasons aren't based on summer or winter but rain and not rain as currently it really doesn't rain too much. 

In the country, a volcano near Quito called Cotopaxi, which is the tallest active volcano in the world, has spewed out some ash recently. I don't know what the current situation with it is but if that thing actually really just has a big eruption we could have problems here. For now it is only spewing out ashes so it is neat. There has also been some protesters of the indigenous people. A group of about 200 indigenous went to the President's area and protested but I highly doubt anything will come of that as the President is popular and apparently has some pretty good policies but I really don`t care about politics right now.
I hope you all do well and I love you all and look forward to hearing from you next week.


√Člder Throop

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