Tuesday, August 11, 2015

First Baptism, Shopping, Under the Weather, and Hello, Is Anyone Out There?


We had our first convert baptism and I stood in on the circle for the confirmation which was neat. He is a kid named Anderson Cedeño. I think that will make some people excited to hear about my first baptism as a companionship. My companion was chosen to baptize Anderson as Anderson knew my companion better.

So today is a little weird with writing home. We were hoping to get my hair cut then write home but there are a lot of people in the two haircut places that are open and a third that is nearby is closed. So I get to write some more now.

Today we got to visit a nearby Catholic cathedral which was really neat. We had to ask permission to exit our zone from the zone leaders as it was actually out of our zone. It was a nicely sized place although it took them I think 100 years to build and it is smaller and less magnificent than the Salt Lake Temple. It has a lot of graffiti everywhere and some areas have patchwork and also they have done a lot of renovation. Still it was very neat. We climbed a bunch of steps to get to the top and I will send some pictures of the place so you get an idea of what it looked like. We got a nice view of the city from it. It was about 350 feet high. That was what me and my companion did this week. We then went on a bus to come back here ate some food and did some shopping. We then cleaned our house a little and just sat a bit as we had about 30 minutes to ourselves.

A lot of the stores here on the street are smaller, sometimes not more than a hole in the wall. But, shopping is easy as we have a shopping center near where we live where we do our shopping. The items are usually cheaper than American products and we get like 120 dollars per 2 weeks to spend on food and transport and items we need for cleaning and things like that. Some things are more expensive though. I saw a jar of Nutella that was priced at 11 dollars and it is like the normal sized ones in America so some things cost more.

My scripture study is coming along. I normally read out loud a chapter in the Book of Mormon in Spanish and I can generally understand what is going on. When I read to myself I have to really focus or I get nothing.  My language skills are progressing and apparently I started a lot further along than most missionaries according to my trainer. He is neat and he is a good trainer.

We also did a service project on Wednesday. We helped a family move out of their home. They were out of our sector but it was nice helping them out.

I have been a little under the weather here and got diarrhea for the last couple of days but the plan is for me to go on a 24 hour liquid diet and it should go away. I don't know how well I will handle no food for 24 hours but I should get better. I unfortunately also soiled my pants just because of how bad it was but I got to a cleaner to clean them. That was no fun, but I've heard that many missionaries have had these same issues, so I guess I'm not alone.

Thanks for praying for me and I do enjoy it here even if there are trials.


Èlder Throop

Here's the picture of Anderson standing between my companion and I. His mother and sister are to the left of my companion.

Me and My Companion at the top of the Cathedral

Me, pretending to fall

A view of the city from the Cathedral looking on a hill that really doesn't belong there as the city is in a valley

A view of the cathedral from the ground

One of the towers of the cathedral.  It has 4 towers total, 1 tall, 2 double towers and one shorter one
This is the shorter tower

Here are the double towers

* Mom's note:  I gather from some of Tyler's comments in his emails that he is only getting letters from me.  He was asking about his grandparents emailing him and his brothers, who didn't get a chance to email him this week because my laptop is having issues.  I guess he was sitting at the computer in the store for a long time, not really doing anything, feeling a little silly because he only had one letter to read from me and he had already written back to me.  So, if you have the chance, please send him a quick note.  I'm sure he would really appreciate it.  


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