Monday, July 11, 2016

Positive Results with Investigator, More Earthquakes, Ward Irmprovement


Well that sounds like some fun with your trip. I did forget about the road trip.

Last week we didn't have such great success with having lessons however we did see a miracle as we have been working with a pretty hard investigator and we had a dropping lesson ready to give him if he didn't go to church. We went there with our ward mission leader and he went to the ward baptism the next day with all his family (wife included who recently moved in. That was a surprise to see her there) and he enjoyed it. He then went to the self reliance class that night and loved it. Next day they themselves were already preparing. We did show up a little late as they were getting ready but I feel it was ok in this situation to help them progress and get ready for baptism. We still have to work hard but we have great hopes.

There is another investigator who is having a few marriage problems and his wife seems to be causing some of those problems. Still hopefully we can resolve that so he can get baptized. I hope that will calm her down. So we have seen some good results.

We might as well have some sort of catholic problem here though as a lot of people say no I have my church or all churches get you to God or I am catholic. So we can share but they are a little hard hearted. Still we can sometimes get a good contact but we are struggling. The economic crisis might have some effect but I feel they need a little bit more.

Last night there were two earthquakes, replicas to say. My companion was a little worried but I was like ehhhh whatever. Nothing bad happened. I wonder where it came from and if it will affect the mission in any manner or Ecuador. Hopefully people are a little more willing to listen and repent. Today I went to El Panecillo with Elder Hernandez as he has never gone. The cool part is it is in our sector. The not cool part is that there's a bunch of catholics here for the panecillo.

We are seeing more improvement in the ward. They finally started using a form that you are supposed to use for recent converts and less actives. Unfortunately they changed the time to the morning and we have to go as it is a rule from the area. I know a passage from Preach My Gospel that I want to use to try to get investigators as we always are getting investigators in the morning. Still we are doing well and I feel we could see someone else baptized before this change is over.

Love you all,
Elder Throop

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