Monday, July 11, 2016

Happy 4th of July, Some Hopes, Some Drops for investigators, Comittments


Well I know with it being Independence day you guys might have been a little busy. Well I did enjoy my day and this week was a little hard. Last week we worked hard to have members present in our appointments and we worked hard to get people to church. I apologize for bad spelling but this keyboard does not seem to want to respond to my typing at all. We did have only one person go to church and she isn't married and her husband does not seem to interested which is sad. We do have hopes as there is one investigator who is what we call a dry member or an investigator that takes a lot of time investigating going to church and reading the scriptures etc. We talked to him the past day about his work and the aid he hasn't bought religous items which was holding him back quite a bit. But now that we know that we talked to him about a specific date. He said he would prefer the end of July or this month he has to go to Guayaquil and then we will talk about a specific date. So we still have some hopes.

We unfortunately might have to drop an investigator. It is obvious that he is lying to us as he went with his family for an all day trip on Sunday when he said he had a futbol tournament. So we know that he isn't that interested and it probably isn't his time. We will have to do that this Tuesday most likely. We have had no luck finding new investigators. We have contacted quite a few people and even have contacted a few referrals and zip still next week we have appointments set up with some people that should be new as we have to tidy up our program a little. We don´t have to drop so many people.

Our activity today was we went to the church to play volleyball and futbol. The zone leaders talked to us a bit about being committed to our commitments and that if something someone does annoy us then we should not do the same thing. They used the example of not getting to a place on time. That happens a lot to missionaries due to the Ecuadorian time standards.

I had a little conversation with Presidente Christensen but nothing to worry about. Just a few worries and questions I had. I hope you all had a great week and a great Fourth Of July. Happy Independence Day. ´Merica! Send me photos of the fireworks, please, as we don´t have fireworks here.

Elder Throop

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