Monday, September 19, 2016

Companion has a Different Accent, Potential Baptism, Dog Bite and Rabies Shot


Well this first week went pretty fast for us. I am still learning a bit about my new companion. Our internet connection was a little slow which is unfortunate. Still I got into the mail. As I mentioned my new companion is from Honduras. His accent is a lot different from a South American accent. Not like huge but there are differences. Colombians and Venezuelans are different from Ecuadorians as well as Argentines and Uruguayans.

We did have a good week with the investigators. They are super animated for baptism and to hear the general conference. Even with everything that has happened she says well the people might not be perfect but the church is correct. When we asked about a baptism date she jokingly asked 'Well is the water cold?' We said hopefully not. So we are working for the 8th with her. They weren't able to go last week due to a commitment they had to help a family member in the morning. Still they are super animated and progressing well.

We have had trouble finding people and this week was a little rough as we invited some people to a baptismal date and they weren't ready for date. Hopefully we can help them overcome their fears. Today I had to go to the hospital real quick to get a rabie vaccine. A little while back a dog bit me drawing blood (which is just the worse that could happen to you with a wild dog) and then it went off.  And we haven't found it since. That means as a precaution I had to get the vaccine. The vaccine is super tiny and comes in a few doses which is nice. I always heard it was a stomach shot. So much for my love of animals.

We do get conferences and we get all Liahonas in all months. Since spanish is used by more than a million members they give a priority to spanish. We also got the version of the scriptures that had the modifications that the english scriptures got awhile back. They changed translation on a few words and corrected minor errors. Everyone when we got that (it was a little while ago) commented what is this? They changed the scriptures. But it was fine and now we give those copies out.

We have had some success with less actives and the ward does seem animated to help. They said they know the ward is hard and so they have to work to help us out. The ward mission leader is doing well enough . The slight problem is he still doesn't want to be ward mission leader. I guess he is really discouraged about some things so really doesn't like that part. We will see with him. We are seeing some progress despite all the difficulties and we are hoping for a baptism on the 8th.

Thats crazy they are making a new stake that doesn't happen all the time. Is there an apostle coming? That sounds fun with everyone coming in from the mission. I hope they have great experiences. Well that is everything from this week. I am alive and well and I keep working,


Elder Throop

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