Monday, September 5, 2016

Hardest week yet, Some Small Success, Zone Conference


Well that sounds like a lot of fun. I am glad that you could enjoy your weekend. Our last week was quite honestly one of the hardest weeks we have had. I do not know if we suffer for disobedience or if it is God testing us. Still we did have success in small ways as we found a family from Venezuela that are looking for a religion. They were really open and they do seem to want to progress. They were open and hopefully next week they go to church.

No one went to church again which wasn't really fun as we have been trying super hard with some families and we are working on working a lot with members to get members to go to church. We have been striving with that but we still encounter a lot of opposition. I have placed goals for us to work on having shorter and more efficient lessons as sometimes we can have trouble staying a tad longer then we should in an appointment. That is one of the goals we have.

I still am trying to love my companion and help him out. I still feel there is some things that lack with respect etc. Still I will have to be patient and loving. The changes come this coming Sunday so we will see what happens with us. I am not entirely sure but I do feel that Elder Choque will go to a new sector. I am not completely certain. I believe we have divisions with the zone leaders next week.

We had a zone conference with our mission president last week and he talked a lot about obedience and also the need to be diligent and firm. We had some great capacitations (training). This week is the last week in this change and well it is possible to see some changes ere. I am not certain but I feel it could happen. The ward is improving gradually. The ward mission leader had a 180 from his old attitude as he didn't want to work with us and now he is extremely eager to work with us. That is extremely good for us as I was extremely worried as he seemed to be on a path that would not have helped us. Now he seems very eager to help us. I do feel happy as I wanted the ward mission leader to work and now he is helping so hopefully we can see some progress in the ward.

Still it has been really hard in this sector and it has been hard to get people to progress or for that matter to find the people. Most contacts we have to do are door contacts which are not super efficient as people reject us all the time. We had one day where we went down one part of a street and we had 10 contacts but with no one that wanted to listen. But the unfortunate part is that there aren't many people in the streets. So we do have to encounter a lot of opposition. Still we continue with hope and the hope is that next change we can see fruits of our labors here.

I hope you had a great time and continue enjoying yourselves.

Elder Throop

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