Monday, August 22, 2016

Hard Time with Companion, More Ward Problems, Got No Volleyball Skills


We had a lower week contacting there just didn't seem to be people in the streets. My companion can be a little stressful sometimes and quite a bit critical. That can cause me to lose my patience sometimes. I am trying to show a great example but he always wants to be really defensive about things he does and a little on the attack on things I do.

The divisions we had on wednesday helped a lot. The district leader went with Elder Choque and I went with his companion. It was a little interesting as the district leader here is also the financial secretary so we had to start a little later than normal as they had office things. The companion of our district leader is pretty funny he is named Elder Potter. His story is interesting as he started awhile back went home for 11 months for health reasons and came back and now will finish with my group. He also trained.

I was talking a bit with him and he mentioned I should try completing my companion more which I have been working on as well. Then I talked with the district leader after the divisions and he mentioned I could try smiling more as even though I am funny normally I have smiled a lot less. I feel it is due to stress so it can be a little hard to smile. He also mentioned that I could try doing small acts of service which I am working on doing. Hopefully it works out.

Still it can be hard many times as my companion does call me hypocritical and says I don´t know anything about life or the mission. That part is no fun. Quite honestly I feel he probably will get a super hard companion next change perhaps to help him learn from experience. I am trying to be a great example but I feel the only thing I can do is be an example as words don't seem to work. I have talked to him in companionship inventories. He also sometimes tries to use things against me. I don't want to be negative but it has been a rough few weeks. I don't know why the Lord gave me this assignment but I do feel it has a good reason. I hope that I can change the culture of the mission in a small manner.

The ward continues along. One investigator went to church but he went to BaƱos so we are rather sad. The ward mission leader hasn't shown up for a while to the ward and if he doesn't show up soon enough he may become less active. Apparently he has some problems in his life. The members pulled us aside to mention that some members are saying that missionaries are entering facebook here in the last month and other iniquities. I don't know the truth of it all but it is worrying how they consider missionaries. This possibly could be a ward that is extremely difficult. Still I hope the capacitation we received a little while back helps.

Today we went to a park to play volleyball a bit and to discover we really can't play volleyball. We also played tag but using a soccer ball to tag people as there were two sisters present. That sums up the week for me.

How is it going for you guys? Love you lots,

Elder Throop

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