Monday, August 29, 2016

US Elections a concern in Ecuador, Comp Problems Getting Worse, Married People, but Not Ready for Baptism, Service Day


Well that sounds rather interesting with the elections. Quite honestly I haven't heard that much as we don't get told that much. A lot of people ask whose side you're on and I say well I am not sure because both aren't good options. I don't know exactly all the plans but I am aware that both aren't great options. I don't know who would be the best option if it is that bad. People do concern themselves about elections in the states as it affects them even here. Really interesting. Quite honestly I probably would end up hearing who won and feel sad either way. Still we have to keep working and hoping that we can help people come to Christ.

I have been working a lot with the goals my district leader gave me and if anything I feel things have gotten a little worse with us. I feel sometimes my companion can be really demeaning. I have warned him that he could get a potentially bad missionary his next change and he thinks he could be ready. I feel that could be his wakeup call. I like him a lot but sometimes he tests my patience to a limit. No more asking God for patience in prayers because he gives it to you all right. Still I am working hard. We will have divisions with the zone leaders this next week and we have a zone conference with our mission president. That should help a lot. I hope the zone leaders can help give good advice to me and also help my companion out. This will be the first time I have divisions with them in awhile.

Last week went pretty well. We still are able to find people but unfortunately we are unable to get them to church. We have been trying to work more with members to help people go to church. We have been focusing on one family in particular and we have been trying to help them out a lot with the members.

We had a service last Saturday where we helped move some dirt from a little hill to another part in a yard. We didn't finish with the hill because it was huge but we got a lot done. We also helped last week with a family with a recent convert in it move houses to another part in the ward. That was pretty great.

Today we visited the Basilica and I took a few photos. Ironically enough in this sector we have found a ton of married people but it is requiring a lot of effort to get them to progress. Normally people have people that live outside of wedlock that do go to church but can't get baptized. Quite the irony.

Love you all have fun,

Elder Throop

Lower part of new sector

At the Basilica

Elder Choque

It was really bright out

view with the city behind

another view, a little blury

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