Monday, November 21, 2016

Good Week with Investigators, Referrals are Still the Best, Getting Better with Companion


Well this last week has been pretty good for us. In terms of investigators we have had some more success and we have found an investigator recently who was really prepared for receiving us. He wants to get baptised pretty quick just the problem is that we have a stake conference and we have to go over the teaching to help him out. This last Sunday we did have some investigators go to church and two of them are set for a baptismal date. The third we weren't sure when to set the date as he was a referral from his wife (well they aren't married yet. They live apart but really close at the same time.) And we taught him yesterday. We know we know when to put a baptismal date to help him progress. He has a lot of desires and he does want to get baptised. Another investigator that we are teaching needs a little of a repass with the lections to help him understand better. The other person that was progressing is an old guy who was a referral and he has a lot of desires. He also was really rich and now he doesn't have as much but he has plans to make money. He also wants to find the true church which is great.

I really like getting referrals here which means that you invite someone to listen to the gospel and you invite them to go to church and everything. Here and really everywhere I think referrals are easier to baptise as they already have a friend in church. And they progress a lot faster. The people progressing were referrals and they all want to be baptised. There is one who was a referral that went. His difficulty is that he hasn't felt the church is true yet but he has improved and that is because of member help. I want to give you guys a challenge.

With my companion some things have smoothed over. I have asked for some help and everything and that has given me a great help to serve him. It still can be a little difficult with his personality sometimes and I can be a little frustrated but I am still learning. The other elders in the district will have their baptism this week. Unfortunately for them another family didn't want to get baptised yet. When I gave the interview the father said he didn't have desires. They are considering baptising his daughters to show a good example but they will have to see what he says. This week I did have an activity planned but there was a zone already there so that didn't happen. We did get Jose Luis confirmed which was also great and he should progress well. I hope you do well.

Elder Throop

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