Monday, November 7, 2016

New baptism, Getting Member Referrals is the Best, Still Working with Companion


The day of the dead is pretty tranquil here.  It's just that no one is interested really to hear us during that time. We had a lot of rejections during that time which wasn't so much fun for us. We did have a baptism last Thursday which was great for us. He seemed very prepared. His name is Jose Luis. He couldn't get confirmed yesterday due to the fact that he was working. He will get confirmed next week. So we were really happy. I do have some photos of that which I will send you guys. It was really great. We didn't have any one attend but we are seeing other investigators that are accepting a baptismal date and that are wanting to progress. The hope is that we can have more baptisms this change and help more people out.

The ward is doing well enough just only one member really gives us referals. Fortunately his referals are usually good. The other elders in the district are doing well and seem to be having more success. I went on divisions with them last week and went with a guy called Elder Paiva from Graham Washington. He is still in his training so it was interesting. Still he seems great and he likes to learn so I set some goals with him. Today I got a little small instruction manual about some duties of a district leader to help me out. There were some things I allready knew and some things that will help me out in the coming weeks. It has been a big learning experience and I have grown in many aspects.

I am doing well enough with my companion. I just sometimes get the feeling that he can be frustrated with me or some different things. I feel it is just him learning the sector. There are some things I do have to due for the assignment but I hope to help him learn the sector better so that he can direct it better. There are some teaching skills that I am trying to help him improve so he can be a better missionary. So that is what we have been working on. I hope everything goes well.

Elder Throop

Here's some pictures of the baptism.  Tyler's companion was asked to perform the baptism since there's such a height difference in the man getting baptised.

Ward Mission Leader, Tyler, Jose Luis

Jose Luis and his girlfriend, who is a member

Tyler and Comp

All dressed in white for baptism

Jose Luis, his girlfriend and her family

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