Monday, December 19, 2016

No Bus Ride for Christmas This Year, Christmas Skype Arrangements, Better Week, Bowling as a Zone


Yeah so when I was in Santo Domingo it wasn't really opening but kind of because what happened there was that the elder had worked a bit in his sector but they combined the sectors so he worked a lot in the other sector. he knew our sector at the time but there was no program which is helping me a lot so the experience is helping me a lot.

Normally we take buses since train is usually only for tourists. The buses are kind of uncomfortable but they have enough room. I am happy about no bus ride this year  (Mom's note.  Last year, Tyler was in Santo Domingo at Christmas so he had to ride the bus all the way in for Christmas at the Mission Home). Our Christmas dinner will be the last Christmas dinner and that will happen on the Friday and Saturday it sounds like we have a Christmas dinner with some members in the evening as we can't work that evening due to the risk to us. For the Skype call 4 should be fine for us here. We have a member set up to help us local time

To talk about our week we had a better week. It still has been hard but we have located all the investigators that the sisters left behind and we did find 2 new investigators (called the Loor family) So it went better for us. It still was hard and we did have some hard days but Elder Wilson still seems animated. He is learning Spanish better and that seems to help him a lot. He has improved a lot and I have learned from him as well. He has had some interesting insights. We are hoping to get things moving better now. next week seems like we will have a lot more. We have had more success with contacts and we will be working more with members. Today we had a zone activity were we went bowling. That was fun (although I did not do so great) But I still enjoyed it. I am enjoying it with Elder Wilson and he seems great. I just have to make sure I am patient even when everything is hard. It has been really stressful sometimes but I am enjoying it though. I hope you have a great week and look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

Elder Throop

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