Monday, April 3, 2017

Appointments Failing, Miracles Happen, Progress Continues


Well our last week went pretty ok. We did have a rough time with appointments as a lot of appointments fell and I believe many people didn't make it to conference as they had to go to another place. Here the thing with their elections I that when they have an election they have to go to their birthplace to vote unless they have placed their residence here. So there were many people that left. 

Despite that difficulty there were some miracles as well. Today we were heading to eat lunch at a place and we ran into an investigator that we had lost some contact with as he has been busy. So we talked about how he was an incidentally he did see some of conference and for the last month has been going to a book of Mormon institute class. That is really great and one of his friends invite him to go. So that was really cool to see. I was a little sick yesterday and this morning but I am better now. This is the last week of this change and then ther is one more change for me. We are hoping we can have some success in finding news and helping people progress. If we can pass by one family we can schedule a baptismal date.

Nancy is doing well but she didn't accept a baptismal date and feels she needs more time. We are hoping that she can come to church here. She is great it just might take a bit of work. There is a married couple that we are trying to work with called Byron and Graziela. We didn't see them in conference so their baptismal date fell. We hope to reinvite them and see them progressing for the 29th. There is also Edgar Tapia who is the young man that is going to institute. We are hoping to find and teach him to help him out more as he seems really golden now. When we started with him he didn't seem so well prepared but apparently according to his friend that gave him as a referral we were able to answer all of his questions and help him out a lot. So the spirit has been guiding in that. There is another referral that we are hoping to contact this next week. It was someone that came to church once but was a little busy. Hopefully we can see some success in that. 

Have a great time!,
Elder Throop

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