Monday, March 27, 2017

Baptism!, Raining again!, Working hard


Well this last week went rather great for us. We did have some great success. We were able to have that baptism on Saturday which was awesome. He was super great and seemed eager to keep going. He got confirmed yesterday and that was really awesome for us. This week we had a lot of success finding new investigators it just some were a little hesitant on accepting some commitments (either attending church or with baptism) so we hope to help those people out in this next week. There was a family we found that we called and the husband said that he wasn't really interested which was not fun but we hope we can try doing something there. The biggest success was having the baptism and we were super happy about that. Elder Powell got to perform the ordinance. He did have a baptism in his first change but it was like right when he hit the mission. This one person he got to help a lot more. So we were super happy about it. 

That evening on Saturday it rained super hard. It has been raining pretty consistently with some day nicer then others. My problem is that there are holes in my shoes so I get wet feet. The hush puppies fell apart pretty badly. I am trying to get a new set of shoes as fast as possible so that I can have less worries. Quite honestly the shoes don't hold up very well here. But there is someone here that designs shoes for missionaries.

They still haven´t sent me my flight plan so that is why i asked. That is weird to hear. The one companion I had that went to Arizona had a flight and layover in Houston I think. So he got home a little later. That is weird to think about. I won´t think too much about it hopefully. 

We are working here and we are trying to help out the people here. The other elders in the district had a harder week so I hope to encourage them and help them out. Last week I talked about commitments and I think I might focus on using scriptures this week to help them with their teaching skills. They seem ok but I hope to help them out more.

Stay safe and love you all. 
Elder Throop

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