Friday, July 10, 2015

More Frenchlish, Music, and Ready to preach the gospel


It is strange having been here 3 weeks.  My Spanish is definitely coming along although I still can struggle with my pronunciation as my mind will occasionally think of how to pronounce the word in a French way because it looks similar to French words and that was how I learned to say the words but of course that is completely wrong. Also, typing with the keyboards here is not the easiest as the spacing is strange and they have different features than the keyboards in America.

I got a new companion who is called Elder Rhees, but next week we will all get new Latino companions. Next preparation day should be fun as we are going on a tour of the area of the city.  

I am learning how to do soccer a lot better and I rather enjoy the sport. When I am in Ecuador I plan on buying a soccer jersey for Ecuador for Pdays and any other opportunity and it would be a neat souvenir.  

One thing I look forward to on my mission is listening to music like MOTAB or The Piano guys (I think they got approved for missionaries) as music is not to be played in the MTC through music players which makes sense as if everyone played music it would be loud. 

I am glad I chose to go on my mission right after high school as I feel I would be wasting my time now if I was at home. Still I really want to be actually preaching as right now we do classes all day long which is basically prison for me.  It doesn't help that we are fenced in the MTC as well. I know the classes are meant to be for our investigators but we don't have real investigators right now and it is hard to not think of yourself when all the classes are meant for your benefit.  Still it is necessary even if it is hard.  I am looking forward to tomorrow as we have a proselyting activity for some time which will be great practice.   I was sad to hear that President Packer died.  Well I look forward to hearing back from home next Tuesday and the PDay after the next one you should be hearing about my Latino companion.


Élder Throop

PS I jüst figüred oüt how to do the ümlaüts on all of the ü's.  I hope yoü
get them.

Here's a few pics of Tyler's new companion Elder Rhees, his district, and some crazy Elders at the Bogotá Temple

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