Friday, July 31, 2015

Note from Mission President's Wife


(Mom's note) I was so happy to get an email from Sister Christensen, President Christensen's wife, with an update on Tyler on his mission.

Here's her email and several pictures she sent.

Dear Sister Throop,

We are so pleased that Elder Throop is serving in the Ecuador Quito Mission.  We welcome him with all our hearts and know that the special gifts he has been given from our Father in Heaven  and talents he has developed will bless the lives of those with and for whom he serves in a unique way only he can offer.  His dedicated service will further increase his abilities and character in remarkable ways.
There are currently 229 missionaries in our mission, serving in 14 zones.    Elder Throop has been assigned to serve in Quito in the Turubamba North Zone with Elder Goodfellow as his companion and trainer.  Elder Goodfellow is known by the other missionaries as being hardworking, diligent, obedient missionary.
Attached are several photos that show Elder Throop with his companion;  the group of missionaries with whom he arrived; and the group with their new trainers.  I have also invited you to a Facebook site for families of missionaries currently serving in our mission.  I encourage you to add pictures as he sends them to you.
We know and understand that there is sacrifice on your part both emotionally and financially to support him during this period of full time missionary service and we express our gratitude for your offering to further the work of inviting others to come unto Christ and to receive the blessings of the Gospel in their lives.
With our love and gratitude,

President and Sister Christensen
MisiĆ³n Ecuador Quito

Tyler and his new companion/trainer Elder Goodfellow

Tyler and President and Sister Christensen

The new group with Pres and Sister Christensen

Another pic of the new group of "greenies"

The new group paired with their new companions

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