Sunday, July 26, 2015

No cheating, Still can't roll "r's", but Ready for Quito!! (Already?!)


I am very excited to be leaving next week as I have been here for so long in my mind.  I don't know when I will write next though as I leave on Tuesday next week and I think the Pdays in the mission are on Mondays so it could be sometime.

I am glad I am here in Colombia as the culture is different but you have to practice the language and get used to dialects food and culture in general which is helpful. I am surprised how well I like the culture but once you play a game of futbol with people who really can play it well you start to appreciate it. My new Latino companion is Élder Herrera, which is impossible for me to say as I have yet to figure out how to roll my r´s like the Latinos. Having a Latino companion is definitely an immersion and I do enjoy it.   My Spanish is coming along very well and with Élder Herrera I can't cheat because he doesn't know any English except a few words that I taught him. Still once you start learning you got to keep going in diligence until even the Latinos say that "Usted es un bueno Latino ahora. Muy bueno."

I don't know if they will let me go out of my mission to go to the temple which will be sad, but when I get back I will want to go to the temple. Plus it will be nice to do a complete session in English as the start of our English sessions still involve Spanish but then the main endowment is in English when we do the English sessions which is nice.

I can't wait to see the actual real field and start to teach real investigators. Tomorrow should be nice as we have a proselyting activity for 3 hours. Saturday might be the only rough day left at the CCM as Sunday is devotionals all day as well as Monday and we leave early Tuesday.

I am attaching a good photo of this group. We got a lot of people but I know the next group will have even more.  My companion Élder Herrera is in the back row that is not in the top, fifth from the left starting on the left.  I got another companion as well (a trio) named Élder Flores because his companion got sick and was sent home because he was so sick. He is sitting in the front fourth Elder going from the right the Elder in front of President and Sister Duvall. (Can you find me?  LOL!)  It is hard with a trio and Elder Flores is a Venezuelan and he speaks so fast and I don't think he knows how to slow down so that I can understand as I have been here for only 5 weeks and that is all the Spanish that I have done in my life. Elder Herrera is a lot easier to understand.

Well I am glad to have written to you guys and I look forward to the mission field.

Élder Throop

P.S. I have memorized the Baptismal invitation, missionary purpose, D&C 4 and the First Vision in Spanish. It wasn't easy but worth it.

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