Monday, January 18, 2016

Combining zones, moving to Zone leader's house?, working hard


Well the area is going well but we haven't been having much success getting people to go to church. Still we will see.

I have an anouncement we did get changes. I am staying with Elder Paul which is great news. They combined the zones though and that was a crazy change as they had like 6 districts but then cut it down to 4 districts. My companion was going to be district leader but then got bumped down to senior comp only which was what he had wanted. So we have a big zone. Today we helped one of our zone leaders out because the other one finished his mission. I got a little mini speaker from their house as the zone leader just wants the big speaker he had which was funny to see. But we plan on moving to the zone leaders house in the coming weeks if we can as it is a nicer house. We just need the time to do that. We have found lots of people and have had great lessons and we will be working in a new part now because of the changes to the zone.

Well I believe that was everything. It was a little nerve wracking getting changes but for the next change it should be fun and I believe we will get some baptisms this next change which would be a nice break for us as we have been working hard to help people out.

Have fun!

Love Elder Throop


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