Monday, January 18, 2016

Winter is here, Accent Good When Actually Talking, Converts vs Baptisms


The weather is more rainy than anything and due to the rain both sets of my shoes got soaked. Not greatly, but it has been really wet so it is officially winter here. Today we didn't do much other than change our house to a new house that is a lot better. The new house is smaller but a lot nicer and in the center of the sector. If we can get people to come to church we should get a few baptisms as well this change which would be fun. It went well enough. However the capacitations (translation: Training) we got in district meeting were more on how to get baptisms and not converts and our big goal as a companionship is to get converts. It was slightly funny as the district leader (who isn't my companion) gave the capacitacion and at one point I looked at my companion with just a puzzled and this-is-wrong look. We looked at each other the same time and then raised our hands to point out what Preach My Gospel says. That is what happened this week.

I got to see a new missionary come in from Chile and he is just starting his mission. When people asked what time he had he said like 3 days as Latinos only spend like 3 weeks in the MTC which doesn't count towards mission time. I felt weird as now three people in our district of 8 have less time than I do and 1 person has the same time.

As for our German contact, we only taught him one time as the family he was staying with were really aggressive against the church. It was a cool lesson as he understood well, but he had opposition from the host family.

I will tell you how people react to hearing my accent. When I don't speak much and ask how much time they think I have they usually put 3 to 4 months. I say no 7 months. When I speak a lot more then ask how much time they think I have they say one year. Answer, 7 months. So I believe I have improved to the point where they understand however I have to speak or they think I am new as I don't speak much and have a young looking face (even though I am close to turning 19!)

I promise to get some more pictures (if I can) during this next week and send them to you next Monday.

This week we worked really hard, but no one except less actives went to church which was funny. The hope is we reactivate the less actives. I don't think there is too much more to say. I think I might send a few photos latter on today to you. Have fun and love you all.

Elder Throop

Christmas Zone Photo (just found)

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