Monday, March 21, 2016

Baptism! (Finally), Feeling the Spirit, Working on Great Attitude with Companion, Changes coming soon!


Well first things first we did indeed have a baptism last Tuesday of three people. They were confirmed yesterday but just barely as I had to remind the bishop of the confirmation before the talks. Fortunately that got done yesterday so now we have recent converts in our sector. That was a great moment for me both the baptism and the confirmation as I know they are making the correct choice and that they will continue in the way of God. So we finally have helped in this sector someone to be baptized.

I do remember however that baptism isn't necessarily a sign of success. Something I have learned in these last 7 months when I didn't have baptisms was that true success comes as a missionary comes when you have the spirit with you and I have felt the spirit many times helping me coniune in diligence as it can be really discouraging when you don't baptize or when the people reject you. But then I am reminded of the words Elder Holland has said to us asking why it isn't so easy. He told us that we have to truly gain a testimony of the atonement and we need to at least pass by Gethsemane and that missionary work as never been easy as salvation isn't something easy. That is something that really is important for me.

This last week was great with that and we also had divisions with the zone leaders as well.  I learned a great example of how a companion should feel towards another companion and the ideal relationship of companions. Some of the commentaries I mentioned to Elder Quinn (one of our zone leaders who I was with) brought him to say interesting remarks and he said some of the things I mentioned are indeed concerns with what is going on with my companion and everything. I still want to work with my companion and he is a good person and has a great attitude and serves but still lacks in the obedience and for me it is hard to be perfectly obedient. For example in contacts I have been discouraged to contact too much as I feel he doesn't even bother and he focuses too much on the wrong things. My hope is I can have patience and love and keep learning from the good things he has. I hope everything is going well with you guys. We have changes this Sunday if you were wondering. Photos to follow!

Elder Throop


Left to Right of baptism kids, Melany, Solange, and Jamileth,.  Hanz is their brother (already a member)

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