Monday, March 14, 2016

Baptism Postponed, (again), Can't Get the Rolling "Rs", Shoes fixed, Umbrella Broken


Well this last week did have its ups and downs. Unfortunately last Saturday the baptism fell but fortunately we got it set up for tomorrow for those three which is great. We also have 2 more people with a baptismal date the only trick will be to set up a time with our week as we have divisions with the zone leaders Friday and Saturday so we will have to see about those two.

The sector is going well and I am enjoying it. We get changes normally every 6 weeks (with the exception of this change as this change is 5 weeks long) and the next time we get changes is on the 27th which is in like 13 days. It is true that I have been here a while and I believe with this change I will be gone from this sector as this is my third change here, We are having a lot of progress. My Spanish is still coming along hard as I don`t know how to say the r and that kind of discourages me a bit as it is something I have tried to work on for the last while. Still I hit 9 months soon and I hope by a year I will have that nailed down. I know the grammar well enough but the accent still kills me. My companion is an interesting situation sometimes as he wants to work hard it just he also seems a tad bit controlling. I believe we should try to work with more unity but it is hard as he sometimes doesn't want to listen and due to that we might have more problems. For me it is extremely frustrating sometimes.

I did get both sets of shoes completely fixed up and they hold up better then before. Unfortunately my umbrella is broken so I need to get a new umbrella as right now it works like halfway but because it rains so hard it isn't the best. That is no fun.That is extremely sad to hear about grandma. I hope that things can work out better but of course if she does die we have the conciliation of knowing where she goes. I remember from the funeral service of President Packer about them talking about that part. For Easter nothing I have seen yet but this is the first time. I do look for conference but that still is a little while away. I believe that is all I have to say for now. I hope you guys enjoy your week and look forward to next week.

Elder Throop

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