Monday, March 7, 2016

Adventures With Scriptures, Shoe Repairs, Baptism Scheduled, Working on More Patience


Well with regards to the scriptures I always read in Spanish which is fun. The covers actually hold up fine. The only trick is not to get them wet as if they get wet they bleed into the pages (an unfun experience I had in my last sector). I now have plastic bags to protect the scriptures now which does extremely well for the scriptures. I do mark them up and I found some colored pencil things (the eagle scripture markers) and those work fantastic for differentiating themes in the scriptures. Just by seeing the colors on a page I can figure out what is going on. Since we were challenged to read the Book Of Mormon I get to mark them a lot and currently I am in like Alma 48 if I remember correctly and they are well marked. As for telling scriptures to people usually I have the reference in the memory but the only ones I have memorized memorized are James 1:5, Joseph Smith History scripture and Amos 3:7 really well. I have a few,  but normally we have the people read it. I do know where the scriptures are though.

This last week was fun although our contacts were  a little rough. It rained hard a lot of these last days. I sent in my other pair of shoes to get them fixed up as this place rips apart shoes a bunch with the rocks. No fun there.

Next week we got a zone conference with President which should be fun. We had 10 investigators in church so the members are helping a lot. And we officially have a baptism scheduled this Saturday at 1100 with 3 people. They should truly be converted as they have immense desires for baptism and their brother is doing well. We are working with some other people as we have quite a few good people in our sector.

I do sometimes get a little impatient sometimes as it can be tough but still I am learning and I have enjoyed the time here. Hope everything goes well with you guys and wish Jorren and McKay luck in swim.


Elder Throop

Here's some pictures from the Conference with Elder Holland
Elder Holland 

Elder Holland and the Ecuador Quito Mission

Another view (can you spy Tyler?)

More pictures of Families in the area

Fun pictures with Zone and Companions

Clockwise from Tyler, Elder Diaz De Oropeza, Elder Eastman, Elder Brown (Tyler's Companion)

Bird on the shoulder

P-day with the Zone-(Note how much more yogurt the Elders seem to have than the Sisters!)

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