Monday, April 18, 2016

Earthquake (everyone is ok), Hammered and Chatized by Elder Hales and Elder Oaks, Ward Council Struggles


Well with regards to the earthquake, Quito didn't get hit too bad. We were in the house of a member and it started shaking pretty hard. It felt like a very roller coaster ride almost. The thing was that we weren't sure to react as both me and my companion are from Arizona so we didn't know how to react. Quito did not receive any damage that I know of and I am not sure about how we will be helping the people here. I did hear Santo Domingo and a good portion of the coast got hit pretty bad which definitely wouldn't be fun especially if they can't write to their families. Our mission president still hasn't sent us any mail with regards to the earthquake but I am sure by this Thursday we should know something as we have district meeting. But yeah the excitement of the earthquake possibly will wake people up and do what they need to do.

Yesterday we had a multi-stake conference which featured as part of the speakers Elder Hales and Elder Oaks. They hammered people pretty hard here. Two speakers actually spoke Spanish for the entire talk but one had a reaaaaaaaly strong gringo accent (Bishop Davies) but they gave great talks. Elder Oaks did a kind of scary part where he mentioned that the suffering in these countries (Ecuador, Venezuala and Columbia) is coming from lack of paying tithing and if the people want to bring blessings on their nation they need to pay tithing. He mentioned that when Saints in a nation aren't faithful in general then they are cursed. I was thinking ohhh dang we are already in an econimc crisis here in Ecuador, but it could get way worse until people are faithful. Elder Montoya mentioned that when we fail to serve it is because our love for God is cold and considering the great commandment is love your God as yourself that was pretty hardcore.

The hope is people listen or there could be worse things in for store for them. I know our ward is really struggling. It's hard to get ward council as the members don't show up and they don't do too much to help us. Considering all that has been said on what they need to do if they don't do it we may need to bring down President Christensen and have him admonish ward members and ward council. We hope the work in that area can improve. I recently hit 10 months in the mission which was pretty cool. Pretty soon I will be at one year. I can't believe how fast it has gone so far.

Well I love you all and hope all goes well, Pics later.


Elder Throop

View from Quito in new sector

Another view

View of the Panacio from apartment

Elder Waldie

Elder Waldie as a pirate?

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