Monday, April 11, 2016

Slow Start to Sector, Working with Ward Mission Leader, Interviews with Mission President


Well the work is going here it is just a little of a slow start.  Apparently we are the ones really starting to work hard to get the program going here. It has been a little rough some of the days as the ward members have very low confidence, but do have very strong desires to work. We have been contacting a ton and the hope is we can show to the members the disposition to work so that the members will be motivated to work with us. We talked about ideas for a ward mission plan and I shared a previous idea from Santo Domingo and they seem eager to work hard with us. The whole goal is to implement those plans to ensure the members really get to work. We have found some pretty cool new investigators but one goal we have is to get people with baptismal dates. We are really close with this one guy who is kind of like an eternal investigator and just acts strange sometimes but does know the church is true. I have high hopes for the sector.

We recently had interviews with our mission president and that went really well. I was super happy to hear that I am progressing with my accent as sometimes it is difficult to hear my accent and President Christensen was happy with my progress. He asked how I was trying to be like Christ how I am helping my companion be more like Christ and what were some things I learned from Conference. I shared I am striving to be diligent and humbly listen to the advice of my companion to learn how I could improve. Then I told him that I hope to instill in my companion hope and diligence as my companion sometimes can be discouraged as I was awhile ago. That was a great experience.

This last week was more work with contacts and finding news and we have had success. We still need to improve in some points but yeah it is working. The sector is a lot hillier then my last sector in Quito. The people are the same more or less as well as the ward. The weather is a mixture between cold rains here and sun in the afternoons. I use my sweater the majority of the time.

It is great Jorren´s birthday went well. Make sure to tell him Happy Birthday from me (even though it is a little belated) I hope you have a great week and I am enjoying it here and learning this sector well.


Elder Throop

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