Monday, April 4, 2016

Excited for Quito Temple, Internet Issues During Conference, Preparing People for the Temple


Well it is certainly true that the Quito temple announcement caused quite a stir here. When they announced that,  everyone (including me) cheered like someone won the Superbowl. That was how excited everyone is. I don't know how long that will take to translate to people to want to work with us, but it is something we can use definitely. I know the faithfulness in tithing paying will go up here and hopefully we will be able to convince the members to work with us more. We did here the rest of the talk but only heard the Lima temple announcement as they were so loud. We did listen to Spanish this time which wasn't so much fun as my companion really wanted it in English and so did I. What happened is the satellite transmission didn't work for the building so they used the only computer for the transmission. Then of course the internet was bad sometimes.  During the Elder Holland talk the internet shut down which was extremely disappointing as we missed part of it. I wasn't so happy.

I do remember all the talks as I took very good notes. I plan on listening to them in English as it just isn't the same in Spanish.

Please wish Matt congratulations on the mission call. I was wondering when we would hear about that call. That is indeed strange that I will be more than a year in the mission when he hits the mission.

We enjoyed this week. The work is a little hard here but we plan on working a lot with members to get the work going here. Hopefully with a temple announced they will be more motivated. I have no pictures this time unfortunately as the batteries failed and so I had to get two new batteries and I only got that done today. I plan on getting pics this week. My companion is a little shorter then me but yeah we both are tall. We are staying diligent and things seem well. I definitely enjoy it as I play an active role in the sector and there is no real control of directing anything of senior companion. I  figure it rarely happens where the older person is junior companion but I enjoy working with him so I don´t mind.

I hope you all are well and we are certainly excited here!


Elder Throop

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