Monday, June 27, 2016

Senior Companion=More Service Opportunities, Interesting Companion, Baptism


Well changes are only one time but I am the senior companion now they made that clear in the changes. It isn't too much different for me as I am still serving my companion and leading the sector. Senior companion just means more service opportunities and to help your companion more. He does seem interesting and funny. He is a little different from some of my other companions. Unfortunately his last district leader was dying (missionary speak for going home soon) and wasn't the best example to say so I will have to work out a few of those bugs. Also he has an interesting teaching style. He seemed to have some things memorized like saying did you understand the three principles of something required for baptism in a practice and I went huh? He said you know the three things required for a baptism to be right and I was like uh going to church listening to missionaries and doing the compromisos. He's like no authority lots of water. I am like huh interesting I guess you can teach that but you don't need to teach that all the time. I hope to help him with his teaching skills. He seems to need help with that and contacts. He does seem to not know some things about the mission but that's ok I guess.

With the changes which were not yesterday but the week before they combined the sectors together and so now I am running two sectors. Not the most fun as it is the whole ward basically. It will take some work. We did have a baptism though as the other Elders left someone progressing. We still have to adjust to running two sectors and it could take some work.

Last week was great for us and we did see some more progress. Our hope is that we can get some people progressing now. We still have many people with quite the list of troubles and problems. Some fun with that. We still have to get Pedro in church. Martha might not be married. So we will see.

We have had a lot of appointments with new people fall so we are still struggling with that. I have seen many miracles here and many blessings of obedience. We had a particularly rough day but we did have a miracle in an appointment where we got an investigator to promise to do something hard and drop part of his business to be baptized. We have great hope with him.

Love you all,
Elder Throop

Photos to come as today we went to a museum that is an historical museum where they got independence here. I got some photos of that and the baptism.

View of the city in the rain

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