Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Activity, but No Pictures, Rain, Rain, Rain, Success with Investigators, Helping Companion Stay Focused and Diligent


Well  this last week we did have an activity. I left my camera in the house and while we were eating lunch it came raining hard so I was unable to get it back as the lunch took awhile. We got back late from the activity and so that wasn't so much fun as it delayed us a lot. We went as a zone to visit some waterfalls and we took a lot of photos. I just left the camera as I didn't think it would rain so fast. The rain is really cold here as well and the winds come in super quick making it even colder.

This last week we have gotten a lot of rain. One day it was so bad that the street got flooded and looked like a river. It just is not so much fun when it rains. Still we had fun today and in the activity we didn't get that much rain. So that was the main part of what we did today. This next week should be great hopefully.

We did have some good things in this week as we have been finding more new investigators and we have enjoyed that part. We had one person going to church and he has a baptismal date for the 29th which is the first Saturday in the next change. So we were happy about that although unfortunately we will have to drop some investigators as they are attending another church and are more interested in that church. So the sector seems to be going well and the ward seems pretty strong here.

We will be visiting the bishop and they seem very great. So that is pretty great. We have received many referrals just there wasn't much of a program here when I arrived. I guess the missionaries just didn't take advantage of the members beforehand or they just had trouble finding. I don't know but we are starting to see success.

I am trying to continue to help my companion stay diligent and focused. Considering that he has two weeks left I presume that could be hard for him. Still he seems to be progressing and the things they wanted to have him do he is improving and now it is ensuring that we really do work hard every day and that we don't satisfy ourselves with mediocre work or not doing everything that we could do. I believe  we can keep working hard and that we can have success. I believe we will do well. He is a funny person and I feel some of his past companions have been frustrated when he was less diligent or obedient and didn't want to help him. I am helping him know and I have learned many great things.

Have fun,
Elder Throop

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