Monday, October 17, 2016

New Investigators, Working Hard with Companion, Pizza, and Immune to Rabies Now


Well this last week went a lot better for us. We found a lot more new investigators in the form of a big family we found. There is a family of four that lives in one part that is super interested in the message and their sister was present and she also liked it. She lives in another part but we have to see with her husband. We found them Saturday and they weren't able to go to church. We have already taught them a bit and they seem really interested. We just need to get them to go to church and get them progressing. The only unfortunate part is that the dad wants to go to the states November 1st to get work to provide for his family. The thing is they probably would have a baptismal date for the twelfth of November (we haven't put the baptismal date) so we will probably have to teach the mother with the children with members once he leaves. Still he is super interested and they also are really interested and they understand a lot. The story they have was great as we passed by knocking their door and he had been praying to God to find a way to change his life because of things in his life. Then we found them in the street and that is when he realized it was time to talk to us. So they seem really great. We have been trying to help investigators to go to church just none that we planned for went. still one did go and we are hoping to help them out. There are other investigators that we will find this week and one that has been progressing well.

I am doing well with my companion and I am trying to make sure that he works hard and that we work well together and so we are doing a lot of work together. I have enjoyed it and I have learned a lot. Today we did go to Pizza Hut for an all you can eat deal. The only unfortunate part for me was the pizza had mushrooms and I don't really like mushrooms. I just took them off and ate the slices. I ate 14 and they are a pretty big size. Plus pizza costs a bit. It was 7 dollars for that deal so that was fun.

I got my last vaccination today so I am officially immune to rabies (yeah) and so less problems to worry about. I will send the pictures so don't worry I think my companion had a few pictures and I will try to get those as well.

Love you all,

Elder Throop

Here are the pictures from last week's trip to the waterfalls.

pictures along the trail to the falls

Selfie on the trail

small waterfall

selfie at the small waterfall

big waterfall


Tyler and his companion Elder Adams

Tyler wearing the hat a new family gave to his companion, Elder Adams because it was his birthday

Elder Adams with a cake face from his birthday cake

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