Monday, October 31, 2016

No Halloween, Just Dia de Los Muertos, Baptism Scheduled for Thursday, First Baptismal Interview


Here Halloween doesn't really exist. I mean they know that it is a holiday but they don't celebrate it. What they do celebrate is Day of the Dead which is a holiday they celebrate in November. They take a thing of bread in the shape of like a child and dunk it in colada morada which is a drink made from a type of grain and lots of fruits. So we have absolutely no worries around Halloween. Only Christmastime and New Years. I will try to get a photo next week of the day of the dead tradition. My camera wasn't working due to lack of batteries so I had to get new batteries today. I will try to send some photos this time.

This last week went pretty great for us. We found some new families that seem rather interested and that we will be able to help in the next weeks. We were happy about that. We also have an investigator who will get baptised this next Thursday. This guy knows a lot about the gospel and he is really enthusiastic about getting baptised. He wants to get sealed to his girlfriend after being a member for a year so he has some pretty great goals and a big understanding. His name is Jose Luis. We are working with someone else as well who could get baptised soon. He just needs to get a testimony of the book of mormon first and he hasn´t been reading. He attends church and activities it just he doesn't read so he can´t get a strong testimony. We hope his member friends help him remember. We will be working with some more people to help people to keep progressing and be converted.

This last Sunday I performed the first baptismal interviews. It was two daughters of an investigator that the other elders are teaching. The investigator had some problems that he needed to resolve so he called a counselor of the mission president while I interviewed. Unfortunately the person can get baptised but still has the idea of the Jehovah's witnesses in his head so he believes he has to wait a year to get baptised. He has everything and he believes and knows it is true he just has that fear. Hopefully the other elders can help him as he has everything necessary to get baptised.

My companion seems pretty great. He just needs to improve on some teaching skills and a few other things. He technically is from a part of the coast of Peru so that is where is is from in Chimote I believe it is called.

I hope you guys have a great week. We ahve had some great success and I believe we will be having some great days coming up. This has been some great success here.

Love ,
Elder Throop

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