Monday, March 13, 2017

Rain Again, Possible Baptism, Bowling!


Well I am not sure if you remembered but I am still in the same zone that I was in when I was in El Dorado Vargas and Santa Ana. Those are all part of the stake La Colon. The sector is new and has a hill that just goes from the bottom all the way up. It isn't flat in any part so another big hill. The sector is pretty ginormous and we still haven't gotten to know all the sector. Still we have found one new in this week which was rather cool. They were a contact and they seemed pretty interested.

This last week it rained very hard which wasn't fun. Since Friday it has been really hard on Friday it got so hard that it caused that there was like a river in the streets for awhile.We had divisions that day so we managed to avoid it and I got to go with another Elder. They are doing pretty well and need help with teaching skills and finding new people. We know the sector  a lot better now which is great.

Our problem is that a lot of the families that were left behind can't progress very well for one reason or another. There is one person progressing really well right now who is called Tomas. He has a baptismal date for the 25th. The zone leaders want us to help him with Sabbath day observance that he can understand it clearly. Other then him no one quite yet. The people we visited last week went to church in another part which was a little ironic as they went to church just in another city. WE will teach them today so hopeful we can help them out there.

Today we went to go bowling. Our big goal right now is to find new investigators and to help people progress.

Have a great week,
Elder Throop

It's all lined up

There they go!


Hanging at the bowling alley


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