Monday, March 6, 2017

Area Book Not Too Good, The Lord's Timing


Wow that sounds like a great week for you guys. Glad to hear everything went well in rugby. This last week was rather interesting for us. We were trying to find new investigators and also find out were everyone lived. We received our area book on Thursday but it resembled the last area book we had which isn't too much fun. 

Fortunately we could find some of the investigators that they had left behind but it was a process. We did have a big miracle last week though. when we were going through a street looking for former investigators we ran into a bishop from Ambato which is also in our mission. He talked with us and told us that his niece was very interested in wanting to get baptized and also his sister. We taught them that day and they indeed did seem very interested. His sister had a lot of questions for us but she also understood very well and accepted the teaching. 

That was a very spiritual experience as I try to stay encouraged and not be discouraged from some of the struggles of the zone sometimes. Still I have learnt a lot it just can be hard waiting on the Lords timing and waiting for his blessings to come. We had a service where we dug a canal for a tube that he wanted to place. That was a lot of fun. We also have an appointment set up with our bishop to gain his confidence so we are hoping to help the ward out. so we are hoping to see some success there. We have had some success and we hope that we start to see some investigators start to progress here.

I hope you have a great week,
Elder Throop

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