Monday, February 1, 2016

Improvements in Sector, Special Conference, Toes again


With our sector we have had improvement these last weeks. Yesterday in church four people went and three of them had baptismal dates. And it is confirmed that the baptisms will be for the 11th as they are ready and should be converted just like their brother. With their mother we can't count on her as she hasn't gone to church for 4 years and the father has work issues. But they support their children immensely. We have seen many miracles helping people and have helped out a family of less actives immensely. Really that family is less active on paper only but in heart they are active. They are sealed and everything, true converts to God. Well there is one other family with potential as the mother absolutely loves church now. Her kids take a little more work. There are also some references that should progress extremely well.

I have exciting news for you guys. Next week on the 13th we get the honor of getting a conference with someone special. It is for all the mission and it was a surprise announcement. Elder Holland is who is coming and he will be talking to all of us. With interviews this week and the conference next week there is no end to the fun in the mission.

Next week I believe I also have to get my toes cut on one foot as there is some infection unfortunately. That is the only unfun thing that I have going on. I am doing well with my companion so it is going great.

With the photos you will have to wait to next week for more of me and my companion but I will do so. As for my shoes it normally gets soaked only with hard rain. One shoe needs a little repair on the bottom but I have a plan to help fix those ups. To dry them you take out the soles and after a day they dry. Here the weather alternates between rain and lots of sun which is kind of fun.


Elder Throop

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