Monday, February 29, 2016

Great Companion, Family progressing, Date Set, Spanish Good, 19 Now


Well this week went pretty great. Elder Brown is turning out to be a diligent missionary. I believe we only need to smooth out the unity in teaching and that will be the most important. The sector is doing great and we had immense success in church getting 12 investigators to go church which is the most I have ever had. The family that is progressing really well looks like the fecha (date) of baptism for them will be the 12th of March. I think the only weird thing about this week is the leap year day that we have today, the 29th of February. I enjoyed my birthday we did a little celebration as a zone of it so I am now 19 which feels so weird sometimes.

As for playing the piano we don't always have time and I don't play it too much as usually another missionary sits down to play.

Well in our last zone meeting I got a Spanish check as I was speaking with some latinos (a little younger then I am) and a gringo and he just could not understand and the latinos said just speak to him in English. I guess I have improved a lot as I can remember when I was like that not understanding anything. Now I am close to 9 months in the mission.

My toe is staying constant and I believe we need a follow up cita because it hasn't completely healed yet. Still I keep walking in rain (which we get a lot of) or sun.

I have enjoyed myself here a lot and it just goes fast with the time sometimes. I got reminded today that 3 months (time I have left til 1 year) is nothing and that made me feel weird as well.

Well love you all and hope you all do well.

Elder Throop

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