Monday, May 2, 2016

Cleaning house and eating Cuy!!


Well this Monday was the last Pday in this change so we got to clean the house a bit and then went to El Recreo as the last Pday of a change that is what you have to do. That sounds really awesome with the Elder Holland conference. Our conference put an emphasis on The Book Of Mormon and the importance of missionary work. Sometimes the apostles have to rebuke and admonish and other times they express their love. Elder Holland is a lot of rebuking sometimes and also of love. I do find it cool you got to hear.

That is great with the grades of Jorren. I don't understand why that grading system is so strict though. 90 should be at the least an A minus. Doesn't make any sense. Still he did a good job. I figure with school ending soon for the boys you will get the final reports on how they did. I do look forward to seeing you next Sunday. We are planning to go to a member's house that day. I am not sure when we will receive changes but it could possibly be around the phone call time. I don't know though. That would be rather fun if you saw what changes are like here.

I got some fun photos from last week as we got to eat some really fun food. Do you know what cuy is? We ate this with a family where the wife is a member and the husband is investigating. He sells idols so it will take awhile for his baptism. He called us and was like hey you know what cuy is? (Making cuy sounds) and he said come hungry we are eating cuy (which is roasted guinea pig). So Elder Waldie and I had to get the cameras for pics of course.

Have fun and love you all,

Elder Throop

Mom's Note:
Here's pics of the cuy.  (If you get squeamish at seeing pics of roasted small animals, you should just skip these!
Pics of Quito from up high with the clouds

Tyler eating a plate of Cuy

Holding the head of the Cuy

Another pic of the head

Family that served the Cuy

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