Monday, May 23, 2016

Rough Week, No-Show Appointments, Fortify the Members


Well we only had the zone conference.  The multi stake conference was not apparently real which was weird as it looked real. This sector is still going hard with the ward. We had one of the roughest weeks with members helping us so far as we had 14 lessons but members were only present in 3 lessons. We invite,call, etc and just nothing so far. Unfortunately we feel it might require the help of our mission president as I was giving the information to our district leader and he mentioned that we really need more priesthood keys to get anything more done. We talked to the Elders Quorum President about the things going on and he said a lot of members lack faith and he would like the members faith fortified.. The only problem with that is we don't have enough time as that is the entire ward he wants strengthened and we just can't do that on our own. One big problem is the economic crisis has hurt people a lot here. The members now have longer hours and less pay and he explained many people worry about losing work . Also many here are now independent workers so they have to take advantage of work opportunities. So we are fighting against a lot. They know we are working but they have a great fear. We might see some results but right now our big objective is work a lot with fortifying the ward.

The investigator that was doing well didn't show up in church as he had a family problem so it makes sense why he didn´t show. We will have a family home evening with him and the bishop tonight. We have to reput the fecha and get him in church this sunday. Just a lot of work here.

The zone conference we had was great and they were mentioning some of the reasons why members don't help us. Quite honestly I felt parts didn't apply to us our 4 other elders as there are two particularly bad wards here with the missionary work. The other ward the one were the district leader is at has nothing too much as they walk a lot. They were mentioning we need to be specific in our reports (which we try to do now) and a few other things. The big problem is that there is no organization here and they make assignments but nothing gets done.  So we are trying our best but the members know very clearly we are working hard yet they just sometimes don't want to work with us. Many excuses are made or the members don't show when we can plan to go with them.

Today we went to the basilica so I got several photos which I will send you. Last week we visited a few members and we are trying to find more people that can progress and help others progress. Some need to get married. I hope you guys do well.

Enjoy summer vacation.

Elder Throop

Here's pics from another trip to the Basilica

Looking north

Looking South

I promise I didn't take the rock

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