Monday, May 9, 2016

No changes, Panacillo visit again, Fruits and Veggies


Well first things first with the changes are whole district minus one person didn't get changed. So I am still with Elder Waldie. It was extremely strange. One person went to the offices as a secretary but he is super new which is strange. I don't understand the changes sometimes how they are made. So we got them at 7:30 in the middle of an appointment. We got a new zone leader in our zone which should be interesting. So yeah, I will be with Elder Waldie for my year mark.

Today we didn't do too much. We did visit the Panacillo which is in our sector so we went there and grabbed some photos.  Church is still disappointing getting investigators present.We also didn't have ward council that day so this ward possibly go downhill if they get into any bad habits.

We played a little bit on a rather poor quality monopoly game I have. I just have some amazingly bad luck as this is the third game where everything just goes downhill for me. Oh well. I am glad I bought it as it cost $4 and is constant entertainment when needed and when you have time. So we had some fun with that.

We have normal fruits and vegetables that you would see in the states. Then we have kind of more exotic ones like dragonfruit (i believe) and granaba which has the appearance of an orange with a stem but has a hard outer shell. You break it open and it has seeds in this white film. It looks like white mini tentacles so it has the weirdest texture ever. Still it is pretty cool.  With vegetables they don't eat too many as it can cost people a lot of money for fruit and vegetables here.

Love you all,

Elder Throop

Mom's Note:
We got to Skype with Tyler yesterday, on Mother's Day.  The appointment with the member family fell through, so they called from their regular cyber store again, so we saw lots of customers, etc in the background.  It was so great to talk with him.  He seems so much more mature than when he left and it hasn't quite been a year yet.  He was really pleased to see and hear all of us, even the kids when they were being loud.  He bore his testimony again in Spanish, which is always such a delight to hear.  The kids were happy to see him and Daniel asked him several questions about how he prepared to go on a mission and what really helped.  Of course, daily scripture study was the top thing mentioned, along with prayer and reading the Book of Mormon.  He acknowledged that not all guys are really ready to go out at 18, but that's ok to wait a year or two if you're not sure.  But, he was really glad to go out right out of high school and that it was the best thing for him.  Just one more month, and he'll hit the year mark!


view from the top

Tyler at the top
Looking up from the lookout area

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