Monday, May 30, 2016

Money Delays from Memorial Day, More Rules-Less Activites, Ward Mission Leader Released


That sounds like a lot of fun with the zoo. I hope you enjoy your day. I didn't remember when memorial day was but we found out as we had been expecting to receive our money that we get normally but it got delayed which was unfortunate. We found out it was memorial day and that had caused the delays. Not too bad for me but also a dinner appointment we had fell as well as the person is working which might mean a longer day for us.

Today we had no activities. They have been really hammering down on activities and emphasizing the rules on activities like crazy so it is harder for the leaders to get permission. So this morning we only played sports as an early morning exercise before studying which is allowed.

This last week was a lot of us visiting members trying to help them gain confidence in us and also encouraging them to fulfill their callings (we did that in a subtle way) in ward council we actually got more results as we mentioned a form that they need to use which explains a lot of their duties. We hope next week they actually bring those forms and we might see more results. Our ward mission leader also got released as he wasn't helping too much and also had family troubles. Apparently he didn't want to do anything more in his calling. We still don't have a ward mission leader but they plan on calling someone who should help things start moving.

Our investigator that was doing well has randomly disappeared these last few weekends. We will have to see what happened. I am not sure what happened.

Well I hope you guys do well. Have fun with everything!

Elder Throop

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