Monday, June 13, 2016

Better Week, New Investigators, French is Forgotten, New Ward Mission Leader


Well last week went a little better with all of our appointments. We actually found some new investigators last week we just forgot to invite them to baptism which is one thing we will have to do this week.

With the foreign language I do worry as I can't remember diddly squat from French. It is because I am more than a year out of practice. I still can read French I believe and read it outloud. I can't write well. When does SVU start by the way? I mean it still is a bit in the future but then again things go super fast.

Yeah the ward is definitely heading in a better direction. Our ward mission leader is now a new guy but he is super smart. He moved here recently and we helped him out with some service. This guy works on the desk in the offices and is very smart. He is a psychologist and basically has handbook 2 memorized as well as handbook 1(he was an ex bishop) This guy is helping a lot with the ward. We hope in the next week we can teach members and get them to come with us.

We did have a good week with members present and we hope to improve that. I do plan on celebrating my year mark this Friday. I have a shirt I found in another house and we hope to have some pizza. So I will have some photos from that. We also have changes this next sunday so that will be fun to see what happens. My companion is likely to head out to somewhere else.

Love you all and have fun.

Elder Throop

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