Monday, June 6, 2016

Lots of Walking, Investigator Still a No-Show, Taking the Phone For A Swim-Not A Good Idea


Yeah that sounds like great fun with the zoo and all those camps you are having. I did enjoy today as we got to actually have a zone activity as they have been cracking down a little on the rules for different things. So we got to play some basketball, soccer, and volleyball which was fun. The zone leaders mentioned the importance of having daily contact if possible with all the investigators we are working with but at the very least with those who have a baptismal date. This last week actually was one of the harder weeks for us as we had 3 days in a row with appointments falling.

We did so much contacting and walking. We got 5 people in church but our progressing investigator didn't show again which was disappointing. We will have to work with him. This last week we had an accident where I accidently dropped the phone in the toilet. I was wearing a sweater and I so though I put it in my shirt pocket but noooooooo. So we were in the dark for awhile. Fortunately the zone leaders are letting us borrow a phone until we can get a new one. Water damage is too much even for our almost indestructible phones.

I do enjoy it with my companion. His sense of humor is a little different but he still is amusing. He is a hard worker and everything. I am indeed excited for the year mark it is the 17th which is crazy. We already have some things planned for what we will do. I recently had exchanges with another Elder in his training. Elder Waldie wanted to go with the district leader which is slightly irregular to have a senior companion go with the district leader but our district leader got it approved. I got to help the guy a bit. It was rather funny as he was very slow at spanish and many times would be like your turn so it was a little fun. He was a little hesitant to talk to people as he doesn't know how to speak so well. That was fun.

I hope everything goes well for you guys and that you enjoy your week.

Love you all.

Elder Throop

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