Monday, June 20, 2016

One Year Mark, Burning a Shirt (not one Mom bought!!), Changes, Senior Companion


Well that sounds like no fun with that trip you had I hope you enjoy the strawberry jam though. Sounds great with the scout camps and I hope everyone has fun with those especially with Daniel and the trek. I really enjoyed trek when I went and also the SVU missionary camp. Of course it was only one week which really is not that much time.

Well for my one year mark that was a lot of fun. We went to this place that had a deal on pizza. It was good pizza but quite honestly nothing really gets close to the states unless it is super pricy. They do have papa johns and dominos here but it costs a lot but those are good pizzas. I did get pizza that day. What we did in the evening is we went to the other elders house to the top and burnt the shirt on a wire. It burnt surprisingly well. I did enjoy it.

And now for changes. My companion left going to Chillogallo which is in Quito. He is district leader over there. The other two elders in our ward got pulled out so they closed that sector. I do have a new companion now. His name is Elder Hernandez and he is from Mexico. So now I can confirm which words are not so great in Mexico. It is a little funny how he reacts but he seems like a great guy. He was a visa waiter in mexico a change and then got trained here. He just left his training. So, me and him are here running the whole ward now.We hope to work well with members this change. I figure after this change I could leave this sector easily. The changes were pretty crazy mission wide and I can imagine the culture will change a lot here in the mission.

So yeah, I do have some photos of everything to send you. This should be a neat change. The other elders did leave a program so we can help those people out. We also have to work with our program and possibly clean it up a bit.

Love you all,

Elder Throop

Mom's Note:
Apparently, the tradition in the mission field for the guys is to burn one of their shirts at their one-year mark.  When Tyler mentioned this to me before, I  wasn't thrilled with that idea and I kinda requested that he not burn one of the shirts I bought special for him that I took time to write his name in with fabric pens.  He told me later that he found a shirt in one of the apartments that had been left by another Elder and he would burn that instead.  That made me a lot happier. 

Lighting the Shirt

A little more fire

Burning well

New Comp Elder Hernandez

Random selfie at church

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