Monday, February 13, 2017

Appointments bad, New Investigator Good, Black Market Shopping


Well this last week was pretty great for us. We had a tough time for awhile with just a lot of things. Still we tried our hardest and now we did some success. We had a lot of appointments fall which was rather unfortunate for us. Still we did find one new investigator this week which was pretty good for us.

This Sunday three people attended and one person of those three could possibly progress very well. His name is Kevin and he is 18 and he is doing pretty well. We were happy to see him come and we are hoping to help out other families. One families situation is a little sad as the husband well the man living with her as they were never married, moved to the coast to not come back.We haven't been able to teach them yet. So hopefully we can see what happened and help them out. We do have a lot of animate members here which is helping us out. We did receive a lot of referrals in church and received a referral from someone in Vargas  my last ward. So we did a lot of great things on Sunday which made the week a lot better after how hard it was.

Today we didn't too much. We went to this place that is basically a black market here. My companion bought a nice camera for 220 and it seems very good. They had a lot of items that are possibly stolen. They really can't control too much there. We went to a restaurant to eat some big burritos and went to a nearby art museum as my companion wanted to check it out. That was mainly today. We are trying to work hard and we are seeing some great results which helped a lot.

Well have a great week,
Elder Throop

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