Monday, February 20, 2017

Elections and Missed Appointments, Carnival Craziness


Well that sounds great about your week. I am glad that the rugby practice went well for the kids. I hope they keep having a good time. This last week was a little hard for us as we had another week with appointments that fall and people that don't want to listen. The elections messed us up on Sunday as no investigators showed up (they had their elections here in Ecuador yesterday it wasn't too bad just everyone has to travel to were they were born usually so a lot were gone) so that was a little hard. Still we had some good experiences with investigators. One who is named Kevin is very great and seems to be progressing rather well. He has felt the Spirit greatly in the appointments and incidentally after someone attacked the Book of Mormon he realized it indeed is the word of God as he saw that it talks of Christ and not the devil. So hopefully he can progress well.

I am trying to stay animated and I am trying to work hard. My companion can be funny but sometimes that can be hard if we are trying to do something important and so I try insisting to focus just a bit more and work a bit harder. he has improved a lot in different aspects and that has been a great sign. I just hope to help him with taking more initiative.

This next week we get changes however we will get changes on Thursday as this Monday and Tuesday coming up is an event called carnival which is a big water fight. Just judging from our sector they will go crazy as there have already been people that are throwing others in pools of water and also there have been people that throw water balloons(including at my companion one time) and using something called karaoke or a sort of foam that comes from a canister to spray at people. So because of that our mission president will give us changes Thursday and we will have to travel (if changed) on Friday so we will see how that goes. We are hoping to work hard and end this week well. It can be hard and sad sometimes but it can be a great experience here as well.

I do hope to celebrate my birthday in one manner or another.

Elder Throop
Right before rain storm

panorama of city 

B&W with comp's new camera
Partial zone
hanging out
Minion that comp wanted to take a picture of on Tyler's head

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