Monday, February 6, 2017

Working to Be Obedient, Spiritual Boosts, Elder Montoya, Not Quite a 10


Well this last week has been pretty good for us. We were able to find some new people although unfortunately on Sunday no one showed up to church which was rather disappointing. We are trying to see what we can do to help people progress and attend church. We are hoping we can be more diligent and more obedient. My companion sometimes has troubles taking the initiative in contacting and has a little trouble with the schedule although he has gotten a lot better in that point so that was great to see his progress. It just has been a hard thing to be a good example always and it can be tiring but I try my best and I try loving and serving him in the ways we can.

Thank you for sending the blessing (I sent him a copy of his patriarchal blessing last week.) I did see it was on the church site as I was looking a few weeks ago and it really did help. I realized a lot more things then I had seen before. I either did not remember parts or I wasn't ready for it at the time but I was able to more clearly understand and comprehend the blessings promised and so that indeed was a spiritual boost.

Another spiritual boost was the visit we had of Elder Montoya. He gave some great insights and a great testimony about missionary work. It helped me really comprehend that even if we might not see many attend or many news if we put forth the effort and we are diligent and obedient then we will receive great blessings of the Lord so that was a great explanation. Something else that really struck me was when one missionary asked a question about if people that violate seriously temple covenants can they receive forgiveness. He told a story that he was on the committee for the restoration of blessings and taking annulling sealings. He said that a difficult case came in and the seventies felt that it wasn't time for the restoration with the case and they sent it to the first presidency. The next week they received a letter from the First Presidency with that persons name saying it is time signed by President Monson. He said yes but we really need to repent and that was a powerful testimony of the atonement. We really enjoyed that. Then they chose two houses I believe to be inspected by the seventies wife and ours was one of those houses. Sister Christensen said it wasn't a ten but it wasn't an embarrassment and the wife said we were better prepared then others which was good. So that was interesting.

We have been working hard and hopefully with the adjustments with the schedule we can have more success in finding new people.

Today for our activity we went to a place called mr joy where there are slides etc. Maybe it sounds a little silly but it was fun. There was one thing that was a metal ball of sorts that they spun people in and then turned it upside down and all around while spinning quickly. I went in it and it did give me a little nausea the second time around so i Left to do other activities. That wasn't the main attraction but it was a fun thing to do.

Wish Daniel a happy birthday. I hope you enjoy that day. Have a nice week.
Elder Throop

Pic taken of Tyler and Elder Montoya

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