Monday, February 27, 2017

Transferred but Not Far, Same Comp, Carnival Mess, Birthday


Well as you can see from the subject headline I did receive transfers. So to tell you a bit about that we got transfers on Thursday instead of the usual Sunday that we normally receive it. That was due to carnival. I have gotten transferred to a ward called La Gasca which is also in the stake La Colon I am staying with Elder Powell which was a little interesting. The zone leaders were here beforehand and they went to El Dorado which was rather interesting. 

On Friday we had to do the transfer but it was a little complicated as they had to be in the terminal for awhile and then we could transfer. So we had our stuff ready but we tried contacting and working a bit without knowing when we would transfer. To explain a bit about carnival it is a big water fight essentially in which they use cans of stuff to spray foam at each other throw powder eggs flour etc, throw people in bodies of water sometimes throwing mud and water balloons. They started to play that in our sector on Friday and it was a big huge high school that was throwing people in the man made lake they had over there. So that was really interesting and basically killed our day. 

One of our zone leaders had finished and the other showed us a bit of the sector on Saturday. His companion had been a bit trunky so didn't do very well in the area book so his companion took our area book to revise it. They didn't have much program so we will see how that goes. 

We have been trying to get to know the sector a lot here and so far it seems like there is a good potential and we will have to work hard. So those changes were a little interesting as I am  staying with Elder Powell but in a new sector. In our district are two other elders one who is gringo and one latino. It is a little interesting taking nightly reports as there is absolutely no signal in our house so we have to go to the roof to take a report and give a report.

The last week in El Dorado went fairly well although little success. We will see how it goes in this new sector.

For my birthday I bought a chocolate bar to eat but nothing much more. I will see about doing something. Due to carnival we have to stay inside today and tomorrow unless we have a set appointment. It was like that last year. Last year when carnival happened I was in Santo Domingo with Elder Paul which was my second area Today was pretty calm which I found surprising considering all the playing going on. I believe due to the rain and cold some didn't want to play here and might be playing in other parts. Just a precaution. We will see how the ward goes. It seems like they have good members. We have some services planned for this next week and hopefully we can gain the bishops confidence here. As for when I leave is May 23rd I believe. I do have some photos to send form the camera that my companion got. We took a lot of photos I will just send a few. 

Have a great week,
Elder Throop

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