Monday, February 8, 2016

Interviews and Stake Conference, Carnival, Shower Sandals taken


Well as to this week a few of our days were harder to work due to interviews and stake conference here. We recently had our interviews with President Christensen this last Friday which lasted from like 200 til 530. Mine went great and he really wanted to hear about the goals I had and any concerns I had. I asked him about what would happen with Elder Holland if he knew anything but he doesn't really. All we know is on Saturday we get a conference with Elder Holland which I am looking forward to.

This last Saturday was stake conference so we were in the stake center from 300 to 830 which utterly destroyed our Saturday unfortunately. Sunday was the normal session of stake conference. By the looks of things we are postponing the baptism til the 20th as the people didn't go to church and instead went to the river. So we get more time to prep up their baptism and that makes our week less stressful.

Today nothing too fun happened right now although people around the country are going through what is called carnival which is a big water fight they have here. They have a thing called karaoke which is a foam they spray at people and the whole goal is to get people wet. Due to this celebration we can't do too much work as we can only go to appointments that are secure today and tomorrow. That makes it harder to work as it is really hard to get an appointment that is secure. Then on Friday we go to Quito and all of Saturday will be gone. Fun week.

We have done well working and we are striving to continue to work even through the rain and everything going on. There really is no end to the work.

With the shower sandals I have  to use a different set as I somehow lost my other set. When I had my other set they worked great (the blue ones) but I believe when we went to the Christmas dinner in the bus someone possibly took them. It wasn't fun.

I am glad Ben is doing well and I hope you all do well. Look forward to telling you about Elder Holland next week.

Love Elder Throop

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