Monday, February 1, 2016

More People At Church, Baptism soon?, Rescuing members, Improving Attributes of Christ


Well last week was pretty great. The best news is that we got several people in church which was awesome as we have had weeks beforehand with no one in church. Today was pretty interesting as it rained like crazy. We had an activity planned beforehand but it got postponed to the next week due to the rain which was unfortunate. So we actually got to do all of our studying and now we get to write. We basically did nothing except have lunch and buy some food.

We believe that we should have a baptism the 30th. The better news is that we rescued a less active so we have been doing well. Our sector definitely has improved.

This time I will send some photos for you guys. We are working hard and also we are looking forward towards interviews which happen the 6th of February which is really cool.

So last Wednesday was a capacitacion about baptizing converts and teaching repentance. It was something we saw in Preach My Gospel and had been trying to do but we got more knowledge about those things. Now we hope to improve our attributes of Christ. The hope is that we can keep improving. So how was your week? Anything big happen last week?

I hope you guys are well and I will send those photos soon.


Elder Throop

Study Desk with Supplies

View from outside new apartment

View from outside new apartment

View from outside new apartment

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