Monday, January 23, 2017

Shoes are Destroyed, Powerful Testimony, Enjoying My Time


This week is pretty fun. Elder Powell is from Ellensburgh Washington but moved to Oregon (his family did) he has just over  a year in the mission and he is pretty funny. We have gotten together pretty well so far. I do see he has just a slight issue with obedience but I am helping him. It isn't too major but I am trying to help out nonetheless so that he can get even better.

This last week went pretty amazing for us. It rained hard a few of the days and my shoes are already very destroyed so it can be fun. I can walk for awhile with dry feet and then the water enters bit by bit until I get soaked feet then I don't care. Yesterday and today were actually very beautiful days.

We had some great success finding new investigators We contacted a referral and taught them that led us to finding a family of three. That was really cool.The ward is doing very great and we still have received referrals and we have found new investigators. Unfortunately the people that attended are from two different families and both are unmarried, however there is good news there as one family called familia de la cruz are really close to marriage. They should be able to get married this change and hopefully baptized.

I am trying to stay focused and keep working hard. It just is sad to think how close the end has come as there are lots of great experiences that I have. One example from last week is when we went to the new family we went with the member that gave us the referral and he shared a powerful testimony. when he shared it the spirit filed the room powerfully as he shared his own conversion story. It affected the family greatly as they felt the power of the Holy Ghost and mentioned "Oh wow brother why did you never share us that experience before?" He said he had never felt to share before until we asked him if there was anyone he knew that could receive the gospel. He mentioned them and so we went. That was an amazing experience. There are many miracles here. Today we went to buy items etc so nothing too big. I will send pictures. I hadn't gotten to it as I didn't have my card reader with me.

The ward here is one of the better ones the bishop has helped us so frequently that it surprises greatly my companion. It is one of the best wards that I have had and has a great potential. They called a new ward mission leader as the last one left for over a month and showed no sign of returning.

Hopefully things move forward with the Lord's help.

I really am enjoying it here. Just keep encouraging the other family members and helping them. I love you all and hope you have a good week

Love you all,
Elder Throop

Elder Powell

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